can shape

stubby holders


This is by far the most cost effective and common type of stubby holder that we make . 

   All out stubby holders are Australian Made 

   Made from 5.5 mm Neoprene Material

   On our stubby coolers we offer a variety of joins to fit your budget

   Can be Screen Printed or Dye Sublimated depending on your design 

   Can come with or without a base 

   Size to fit a standard Can only 

   Code 2A - with a base (Screen Printed) 

   Code 2B - with no base (Screen Printed)

   Code 3A - with a base (Dye Sublimated- full colour)

   Code 3B - with no base (Dye Sublimated- full colour)


   Joins available are

   Heat Tape 

   Mouza & Stitched

   Zig Zag Stitch 


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