Most expensive 

hard enamel lapel badges

This is the most expensive finish available.  Hard Enamel (Cloisonne) badges are the most traditional and ornamental material for badges, as it is said the colours can be preserved for 100 years without changing. All the colours are made from mineral or imported from Japan and ground into powder before colouring.


For hard enamel, the enamel is added before the plating is added, the enamel is added and polished flat to the same level as the metal die lines. Each colour must be baked in the oven one by one which adds to the process and cost. Once all the colours have been added then the badge can be electroplated and polished again to complete the badge. The numerous polishing process is why the badge can achieve slightly less detail than soft enamel and why some of the metal lines are likely to spread in production and be thicker than the original design. Our hard enamel process is a modern process of the traditional hard enamel process and the main difference between our hard enamels is the actual enamel.

Traditional hard enamel use glass based enamels which means pantone matching can not be achieved and the enamel has more pigment. 

Does not require or recommend Epoxy Coating Dome.

I am happy to assist with designing your logo if you do not have one . 

Delivery time frame is around 4 to 5 Weeks .

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